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I spent the afternoon talking with my grammy. I really like her. I am so thankful that I not only get to love my family, but enjoy their company as well. People in my family make up a good majority of my favorite people and best friends.

This is my first non-voice post in a while. They're really fun, but I realized that sometimes the ease of quickly glancing at a poast and knowing what's written there is preferable. Plus the weirdo in me kind of likes typing.

I have dress rehersal for the Vag Mons tonight (this is our second and last dress, tomorrow is tech, then thursday is opening night). I'm excited, I really like being in this show. I wish i was closer with some of the girls on cast, but I'm not an outsider or anything, which is nice. I'm so happy i auditioned in the first place.

I'm really lucky that last week was my 3 tests and a paper week and this week is my I don't even have homework in hebrew week, because otherwise I would cry, a lot. Paul has been taking very good care of me though and keepiong the stress monsters from devouring my soul.

He is working on and just about finished with his silk cloak. It is so beautiful. I'm really proud of him, he may be starting on a lighter weight wrap for me (also silk.... purr) which would be lovely, otherwise I'll start it for myself once the Vag mons are over and I have cleared the que of things piled up by the business of the past few weeks.

I am happy.
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Am I friends with guys who like jewish girls because I am a jewish girl, or is it a coincidence?

On to more important things, like updating my lj so that I don't have to do my hebrew homework (that I haven't done since our last test wednesday (yeah this class meets every day)). The problem is that although i am learning to speak hebrew I feel that I should already know how to speak hebrew, the task of learning a new language once you're out of highschool is daunting, I feel like I just dont have the time and the problem is that if I start the timeline of my life right now, then now and the immediate future is when i have the most time, i should be learning ten more languages, because soon I wont be able to, and seriously guys, being fluent in one and conversational in two is nice, but I should know more.

I wish TJ (my favorite friend) was governing my education, I need to dance, play the flute and speak latin and ancient greek so much more than I do now!
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So I've been awake since 9:30, I made and ate a sandwich and aquired some homework doing utensils, and that is all. Now I am listening to Erica's most recent voice post, and the boys downstairs doing dishes. They're really awesome. (By they i mean Erica and the boys, erica would of course be more awesome were she here, and I think she would agree with that statement.) I think Rico and Tom would really have fun talking, theoretically.

In theory I should be doing my Sex and gender reading, but I hate the class and the teacher is not very with it, I mentioned that Foucault was outdated to a girl like me, and mentioned Dossie Easton and and other awesome people whose ideas take Foucault's to the next level, and she just looked at me blankly, and I said poly?, and she was so confused and I was like aw shit. Now I realize, what I think is mainstream enough for a Women and Gender Studies PhD to know about is not, because Chaucer didn't write it in F-ing middle english. (btw, that's how she wants us to read the wife of bath, if she thinks I'm doing that she is more than wrong)

I'm really happy.
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Earlier today I was in a snarky mood, so Paul and Tom and Richard and I went to St. charles (which isn't even on Earth anymore) for some tasty food, then we drove around a lot, much fun was had. Then I took a nap because I am a five year old. Now Paul is scartching my head, I just showed him some Lore, everyone loves Lore. I forgot how much I used to pay attention to that stuff. Always fun.

If Jesus saw you he would shit his pants. Is that what you want? A shitting Jesus?!
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I am very happy right now.

I love Paul.
Abba will be in town this weekend and he may buy me a car (whoohoo).
School is going well, not too much work but enough and I am definitely learning.
I have good friends, and have added two very cool guys to the short list and am closer to my niche then ever before.

If the above weren't true, I'd probably still be happy. My happiness is me, I create it.
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This weekend has been spent almost exclusively with paul and my family at the same time. Friday I sewed at Sissy's then Paul, Josie and Adam joined us for dinner. Friday night we went to Nick's and had a lovely time at his party, we went for an even better walk, it was hilarious. Then Saturday we went to Sis's to sew some more, had dinner with her, then got crepes at ursas after making an appearance at Carly's 20th birthday party. Today we had brunch with my family and Paul met Grams, Reg, Mark, Jen, and Sister. Then we went to Jo's with Abby, watched 40 yr old Virgin and hung out. So i just finished up my homework and decided on the type of car I want, 2005 Toyota Prius, prefferably a blue one, but I'm not that picky. Now I just need to convice Abba it's a good idea.
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So my laptop doesn't work, Paul says he'll walk me through fixing it. Poop. So I've recently realized just how nice it is to be inaccessible to others. I like not being constantly badgered about everything, it's nice, but damn I miss my computer working!

I have a doctor's app in a little bit, which is exciting. Right now I am very happy.

My weekend

Jan. 23rd, 2006 09:34 am
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Was fantastic. I made new friends and was adopted in to "the cool kids" group. Friday night the gang went to see Underworld 2, it was awesome. After we all hung out in Myers three and were silly and had a great time. Saturday I accomplished nothing except getting to BD for lunch/breakfast. Saturday night Paul and I got dressed up (we looked so good) and went to a Dinner party. There was a party after that but we left early. Sunday morning we woke up at 8am garbed up and went to meet people for Wolfpack. I drove in Angmarth's truck with five other people in the cab (Ang,arth, Michelle, Griffith, Stash, and Paul), Ariel joined us for a very short period of time. I really like these people, and by the end of the trip home they loved me, so I think I may have found a niche, at least for the time being. I think my new project is to become better friends with Ariel, she need to know that she can do better than the tool, plus she's awesome.

I need to figure out how to space my time with Paul out so I can hang out with my suitemates more, it gets difficult since they are all so very busy and rarely in the room/not doing homework themselves. I'll figure it out, but for now, Hebrew homework due at 12!
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So yesterday I was super-duper useful, did all of my homework and got to go to a 3 hour movie with friends. Today I've been in class a lot, and had dinner... not much else. I did have lentils for dinner though, which gives me a slight feeling of accomplishment.

I need to get my ass in gear if I have any hope of going to Wolfpack or getting much sewing done this weekend.


Jan. 9th, 2006 09:04 pm
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Ah, how good it is to be home.

Mexico was nice. Hot, beautiful. The Resort we stayed at was superb. We saw Chichen Itza, an hour after some canadian chick fell off the pyramid (it may be closed for good after her, whoops). Seven days was a bit too long to be with just my sister an my father, they both get on my nerves even though I love them. We met this Turkish/Khurdish/German woman, Shuekran, and she kind became family. She's invited us to visit her in Germany this summer (read, the summer germany is hosting the WORLD CUP!). I think we may go.

Home is better than mexico for a million reasons, but the vacation was great (except for the getting really sick towards the end part).

I miss Paul.
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On the sad thing from the other day, I'm not sad just confused, and I think I'm getting over that.
My relationships with people are there for mutual emotional/physical fulfillment, fun and they can be good learning experiences for me. I dont need to worry so much.

In other news, I got an A in hebrew!!
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I can't deal. Now I can say that a majority of my friends are in their 20's. Their 20's for god's sake. How is that possible? I'm just a kid. The weirder part is how adults treat me like an adult. Tim treats me like his total peer, friend even (yeah, Tim's 30, and awesome, but that's a different story). I can't deal.

In other news, gmail lets you highlight stuff in purple. I really like this feature. I dont email people as a primary way of keeping in touch anymore. I think the last person I emailed regularly was Ben and that was a lifetime ago.


Nov. 21st, 2005 04:59 pm
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So a lot of things have changed in my life recently, and in the lives of people I love. Jo is finally well on her way to a degree and engaged, my mom is about to finally become an adult :) and is also engaged, Greg and I are no longer together, my best friend's realtionship that started around the same time as greg's and mine seems to be disolving as well, I have a tatoo and my nose is pierced, Nancy is no longer in Abba's life, Grammy is married and happy, and Sis is having trouble in her marriage that I always thought would be perfect, I've had so many new experiences recently, and gotten closer to friends, I've made new friends, and started new relationships and found other people to fill roles in my life that were missing before.

I feel like for the first time in my life, change is not something that simply happens as a natural effect of biology or physics, but rather changes are happening because of choices I have made, or choices others have made. Each choice, each behavior, each word has an effect, albeit small, but not insignificant... they build up and years later show themselves. Makes you wonder about everything you do now and what the consequence will be five years from now once you've forgotten the thing you orginally did.

I also feel for the first time in my life that I dont need anyone else to love me. I love me and no matter where I am or who I am with, my happiness comes from me and not someone else. This helps a lot in understanding why I seek out affection, companionship and friendship... I dont need someone to be my everything, I am my everything already and it would be unfair to put myelf out of a job. I wonder if I will ever try to have someone be in my life forever (who isn't already bloodkin), it's something i think I want, but like an ephemeral ideal that is unobtainable and if it was obtainable I wouldn't want it...

Think Marylin Monroe in There's No Business Like Show Business.
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Since the magic of Dr. B, I have learned that the simple joy I found in the outdoors has morphed into a desperate love. I'm starting to feel antsy when I go without it. When Dr. B said I wasn't allowed to run any more for a little while yet I felt sad... not a reaction I've had before since 9th grade when all of this obnoxiousness began. Hopefully once the weather cools down a bit more I'll get greg and a hiking partner back again (he's refused to go out on the basis of extreme murderous heat, I dont really blame him).

So, pray that I come home this afternoon tick and poison ivy free (I'm more worried about the poison ivy as I am quite skilled at the finding, removing and killing of ticks), although just writing this is making me itchy.

Another informal poll: Who has the cuter belly, greg or me?


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