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I can't deal. Now I can say that a majority of my friends are in their 20's. Their 20's for god's sake. How is that possible? I'm just a kid. The weirder part is how adults treat me like an adult. Tim treats me like his total peer, friend even (yeah, Tim's 30, and awesome, but that's a different story). I can't deal.

In other news, gmail lets you highlight stuff in purple. I really like this feature. I dont email people as a primary way of keeping in touch anymore. I think the last person I emailed regularly was Ben and that was a lifetime ago.
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I've been feeling pretty happy recently. Oddly. With the shit storms I've been experiencing lately, I'm impressed with my ability to center and disallow pain. All life can ever be is suffering, one must understand this and let it go. Giving yourself permission to be happy when it doesn't feel appropriate is something I've been working on since the Columbine attack in seventh grade...Read more... )
Being honest with myself might not make me popular, but it sure does make me feel better most of the time. It also helps me focus on what is really important; the future. Sure Columbine sucked, but there's nothing I can do about it now, let me know how I can help crazy teenagers in pain find better ways to cope. Sure, 9/11 sucked, hard, but instead of dwelling I want to know how we can better the world so that no one ever feels the need to kill innocents for political gain. Huricane Katrina showed us only half of nature's force, understanding the scientific and political failures involved in that tragedy that needent have been will help us move forward to a safer america. I have made mistakes, and done really stupid things, I have trusted people I should not have, and have been betrayed and lied to more than I'd like to admit. I need to be happy about those things, I need to look to the future to not only protect myself and those I love, but to create for myself a life that is better each day than the one before it.


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