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Today WashU brought us a petting zoo with baby animals! There was a baby donkey, cow, pig, bunnies, goats, sheep, a camel and a llama, it was fabulous, I fed them, and was late to class but it made me so happy. (I am vaguely ethically against petting zoos, animals are not toys to be played with, but their presence really brightened my day and they were so chill and cool with being handled, I got the feeling that they were born into this life and enjoyed it for what it was.)

This is probably why I go to WashU.
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What's a good score on the GRE? How accurate are the scores they give you at the end of the test?
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For my Class-From-Hell (tm) I am reading a fabulous book: S/he by Minnie Bruce Pratt. I am really enjoying it, it's a lyric autobiography of a woman who came out as a lesbian in the 70's, dealing with issues of gender and sex, specifically through the matrix of butch/femme and lesbian. I suggest it.
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Is it bad that I want to join a facebook group at my old high school in honor of my old elementary school?
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Am I friends with guys who like jewish girls because I am a jewish girl, or is it a coincidence?

On to more important things, like updating my lj so that I don't have to do my hebrew homework (that I haven't done since our last test wednesday (yeah this class meets every day)). The problem is that although i am learning to speak hebrew I feel that I should already know how to speak hebrew, the task of learning a new language once you're out of highschool is daunting, I feel like I just dont have the time and the problem is that if I start the timeline of my life right now, then now and the immediate future is when i have the most time, i should be learning ten more languages, because soon I wont be able to, and seriously guys, being fluent in one and conversational in two is nice, but I should know more.

I wish TJ (my favorite friend) was governing my education, I need to dance, play the flute and speak latin and ancient greek so much more than I do now!
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I only have two so far, A in Hebrew and A+ (!) in Archaeology. I rock. I plan on getting a B in Acting though (stupid I know, but whatever).

We watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding, hilarious. I have also seen almost all of the episodes of Firefly... I had a dream where there were bombs and we had no air and Paul turned into Mal and I think Mom and Zoe kept switching who was who, weird dream.


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